17 March 2007


"Congratulations," she said, her hand extended and open. A handshake. Her face wore a smile and that's it.
I expected some surprise, some shock. An "I can't believe it" or something like that. Nothing, and that's the best part. As I get more and more stressed out about the upcoming process of getting myself to Boston and trying to find a place to live, getting to know new people, convincing myself that I can write, all that crap, one of our creative writing professors extended her hand, shook mine, and plainly said, "Congratulations, that's a great school."
"I'm scared, totally excited, but scared as hell," I told another professor.
"Trust me, you're ready. Boston is great. You'll have a ton of fun, and you're totally ready."
I don't feel ready. I just hope that when the time comes, I will be. I am frightened at the possibilities in front of me, of the things that I may or may not accomplish. I am excited for all these things, but I am scared as hell.

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