19 May 2008

Neat Books!

I'm a huge nerd. I like books. I like good books even more, and I like good books with awesome cover designs even more than that. Which brings me to this:

What this picture doesn't show is the awesome cartoons on the back cover and interior flaps that illustrate a sort of table of contents for the book. Beautiful. Apparently this specific edition of Kafka's Metamorphosis was published this year, so I think this is a new thing in the Penguin Classics series. After looking through their website, I discovered they've released a bunch of other books with great cover designs. Here's a small sample of my favorite designs.

Candide. Fairy Tales. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. And while this may not be the easiest image to look at, I think this cover may be one of the most effective and beautiful book covers I've seen - The Jungle.

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Miss Marjie said...

Those are pretty neat! Yay for Penguin Classics. We read about its beginnings in Literacy Studies. :)