10 July 2008

How Long Until "Burn Notice" Goes Up In Flames?

While eating lunch at Emerson's cafe, facing the window and looking out on the sidewalk, I noticed a guy standing in an empty parking spot. He dismissed three cars attempting to parallel park there in less than 5 minutes. My initial thought was, "Ok, this is probably one of the many Emerson students who need to drop off video, audio, or other production equipment." It happens enough to expect that. So when a white van pulls up and 5 girls and 2 guys wearing rollerskates jump out, a little confused. They stand around, handing out frisbees, blocking the sidewalk, pretending it's not already difficult to move in front of the Emerson College buildings. When a blind man tried to walk past them, you would have thought they were the idiots who couldn't see a thing. So what's this all about, you ask? Burn Notice. Now, I'm not oblivious to current "creative" advertising methods, and I'm not any kind of prude - I think women can go ahead and dress how they want - but isn't there some kind of creeper-factor to have a bunch of girls who aren't old enough to vote rolling around in Daisy Dukes and tube-tops, carrying huge bags of frisbees to give away with "Burn Notice" plastered all over everything? And with guys who at least appear 10 years older? And all this in the name of Burn Notice?

You might be saying to yourself, "But that's Don Johnson from Miami Vice," and you would be correct. Judging from the previews, commercials, and print ads I've been assaulted with since "Mr.Burn Notice" began wearing summer suits, the only difference is the replacement of Tubbs (pictured) with some generic looking female...um...partner? If you can't tell, all these Burn Notice advertisements have only made me want to watch Miami Vice.


zanderkan said...

On the other hand, Bruce Campbell is another "partner" in the series.

joe7787 said...

Come on man, you gotta love Burn Notice!!!!!!!