05 December 2008

Cover of the Week!

This is probably going to be harder than I thought, since I haven't seen a whole lot of cool covers again this week. I'll blame it on another short week though. That being said, I'm still giving you two covers of the week. I know, nonsense!

First is McSweeney's #29, because well, it's pretty, as McSweeney's usually is. Second is The New Yorker again, because dogs are cute and it's funny and they're getting a puppy and if I need to explain why I think it's funny then what the F.

Update! Apparently, I jumped the gun on this post. I just got the daily load of mags and found this gem:

Come on! Even if that picture isn't photoshopped and that really is his body, it's still fucking ridiculous looking.

1 comment:

RachelP said...

I love how you chose the two things we subscribe to.