20 February 2009

oh. em. jee.

Wow. Everything in that is amazing. Unfortunately, Bango tore his ACL, and didn't mean to go through the hoop at all, which is kind of surprising to me.

Story here.

19 February 2009


Griffey Jr. is heading back to Seattle, and that's cause for celebration. Even though living in Boston means I'll get to see about 6 Mariners games this season, it's still gonna be nice to see that sweet swing in blue and white. After the awful season Seattle had (Mariners, Seahawks, Huskies were all terrible. Oh, and the Sonics became the Oklahoma City Thunder), this is good news for the city's sports situation, even if he has lost a step (or ten). Ultimately, people will be very very happy to see him there.

12 February 2009

04 February 2009


I am tired at work today, and I wanted to take a nap during my lunch break. This school sucks as far as any kind of campus space goes. I miss sleeping here:

which is inside here: