19 September 2008

Pirate Day, Funny Ads, Nice Pictures

Today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Pirates are cool and all, but I'm not celebrating because pirates have been ruined for me ever since I heard the lady who started Talk Like A Pirate Day tell my lit. class about how she wanted to be present for her husband's vasectomy because she thought he and the male doctor would simply go into the O.R. and joke about the fast one they pulled on the old ball and chain. Those were her words.

So instead, I'll just show you something I found funny. Energizer (the battery company) has a sense of humor, and they're not afraid to show it in this ad.

More of these funny funny things can be seen here.

Also, if you like looking at pretty pictures, check out Boston.com's Big Picture.

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zanderkan said...

MMMM, big pictures