07 October 2008


Yes, I haven't written here in awhile, and I keep saying I'll be back, sometime. I'm sure I realized it before, but maybe never really admitted it until I read my friend Andrew's blog post: I don't want to write here because all that's going on is the election. At work, we keep receiving books about the 24 hour news cycles and the media's role in politics/elections and how they've clogged the channel that used to bring people actual information. Anyway, I expect I'll write a lot more in a month. Now that is hard to believe: election day is less that one month away. Yes, I am taking the election seriously and attempt to keep myself informed, but I'm burnt out. I'm sure a lot of people are too. Plus, it gets a lot harder to take this whole thing seriously when only one party seems to be think this election deserves to be treated as the significant, historical event that it is. The whole situation is depressing, and at times I feel as if I'm teetering on the edge of breakdown.

That being said, there are happier things going on, like Nina Katchadourian's sorted books.

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