16 January 2009

Football Championship Weekend!

This is is the first time I'm making picks for the NFL's conference championship games. Why? Because why the frick not? Before I do that though, I'd like to share a fantastic clip from Jeopardy.

Anyways, here goes.
Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers: This one's easy, I'm going with the Ravens. Forget all the talk about the Steelers' defense and the Ravens have no running game and all that garbage. That's all too technical for me. I'm going with the Ravens because they're named after Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven," since he kinda lived there and all that. (A nice subplot to this is that someone from Pittsburgh wants to exhume Poe's body and move him from Baltimore to Pitt, which, in my opinion, is total BS). Not only do they have a raven mascot, they have three ravens mascots, and they're named Edgar, Allan, and Poe! Also, they have a marching band: The Marching Ravens! Now that's cool, because more NFL teams should have marching bands (I guess the Washington Redskins have one too). It's also cool because the band is older than the actual football team! So yeah, I'm picking the Ravens for all the wordnerdy and bandgeeky reasons. Plus Ed Reed will keep the Steelers passes in front of him which means they won't be able to stretch the field, Pitt can run all they want but even if that happens, the Ravens won't give up much in the redzone.

Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals: Eagles. For no other reason than Arizona in the Super Bowl = boring. Also, if the Phillies won the World Series and the Eagles can win the Super Bowl, maybe Boston will shutup about the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics owning the major sports.

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