21 January 2009


There isn't much to be said about the inauguration of Barack Obama that hasn't already been said, so I will try not to say much. Yes, I am proud of our country, and I am hopeful for the future. More than anything, I love the way Obama turned his inaugural speech - a time when most gathered in the capital to celebrate - into a call for action, sacrifice, and selflessness. Regardless of any one person's religious beliefs or political affiliation, answering that call should make the world a better place. I will try to answer that call myself, somehow.

For full text, audio, and video of Mr. Obama's speech, click here! You can also find pretty much any great American speech here.

Barack and Michelle Obama as King and Queen of the biggest and best prom ever
. For some reason I imagine there was punch and Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" involved here.

In my opinion, aside from his final press conference, W. has been rather gracious in his departure from the White House.

Craig Robinson, Michelle's brother and Oregon State University men's basketball coach, represented the Beavers again with a nice orange and black scarf.

You can take da boy out da island, but you can't take da island out da boy.

Boston.com's Big Picture has great, high-resolution pictures from the inauguration. This really says more than any pundit, talking head, or writer could ever say.

*1st photo: Susan Walsh, AP
**2nd photo: Jason Reed, Reuters

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daddylikeyblog said...

Watching the inauguration, I couldn't help but think this is an administration of writers--Obama was an author before he was a politician, his speeches are beautifully composed, he commissioned a poem, etc. I'm so excited for a president who values words instead of wars.