11 August 2006

day 2

I've been temporarily living in my parents house for the past 2 months, and am getting ready leave in the next week or so. While it's weird sleeping in my former bedroom - which has been converted into a guest bedroom and consequently resembles nothing of the living space I created for myself when this was my home - that's not the strangest part. The most uncomfortable aspect of living at home is the countless pictures lining the rooms and walls of the house. At the top of the stairs, across from the entrance to my bedroom, is a poster of pictures my parents made for my high school graduation party, covered in photos of me at various ages. It's sort of haunting, frightening even, to look at those pictures. If I could, I'd go back and tell that kid to smile more, and try harder. But life is about finding these things out right?

I hope to not write about myself very much, but like I said the photos are haunting. They follow me around, and everytime I come home, the photos are always there waiting for me.

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