18 August 2006

Recurring Dream

When I was little, I used to have a certain dream over and over starting when I was 4 or 5.

It must be said that, like every little boy, I was in love with dinosaurs. I still am. Anyways, I was an intelligent kid and was enthusiastic about learning. However, I was also incredibly hyper and pretty uncontrollable. My family called me Taz. Once I learned to read, my parents would buy me dinosaur books to keep me quiet: the bigger the book, the longer I was quiet. Dinosaurs arrested me.

In this dream, I'm walking along a serene beach. The beach was a circular bay with no features - just sand and water. Water until the horizon on one side, sand on the other, and a bland blue sky. The only feature was a long wooden pier that stood a foot or two above the still seas. I walked out onto the pier and noticed a bunch of Apatosauruses. The exact number of them varied each time I had the dream, but they were always almost perfectly still. Their big backs protruded from the water and they cuddled each other with their long necks. Obviously, I'm awestruck. It's like I've discovered a secret land and its all mine. Suddenly, and I'm not sure how it happens, but I'm in the water trying to swim back to shore. The current is too strong. I'm pulled out towards the dinosaurs. They see me; they stop necking and look right at me. By the time I reach them, I've grown weak and I can't fight the current. But they just watch apathetically with their big cow-eyes as I float past them. I wake up just before I fall off the edge of the horizon.

I had this dream again last night, the first time in maybe ten years.

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